Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Family update

Wow! Time flies. But here are a couple of the latest in the Poole family photo stop. I need to photo shop all the photos into one good one.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Its two am and I just have to do it!

I have to put up photos of the cutest little girls in the world. Can you see the trouble we are headed for? The good news is that I am Grandma and I get to enjoy them then send them home. I will let Mom and Dad worry about all the boys who come to call!

Olivia Poole born July 1 2009. My how she has grown! She is so responsive and already a flirt. I love it!

Noa Poole. The first grandchild who stole our hearts! Already bi-lingual and so adorable.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things that make me go Whoot Whoot!

Dan and Heidi are awsome parents. I think there is hope for the next generation!

How do you describe the joy of a Grandbaby? Noa is amazing!

I could watch her for hours.

Of course Stan and Noa combined makes a great big whoot whoot
Ben LOVES animals...alive or dead. I find it amazing that he can love them so much then stuff them. (taxidermy)
Shelly and Garrett graduate in a couple of days.. They have their baby...Laces. They will be moving to Arizona for Shelly to begin P.A. School.
Because Chris and Sara are so close and I see them so often I never take their photo...I will remedy that. Sara is finally looking like there is really a baby in there. Her name will be Olivia.
When my children were small I would watch out the window as they played. Facebook makes me feel like I still have a window to their life. Anything my kids do I still love to watch. I think I would love it even more to join Scott right now but, photos are the next best thing.

Scott is in Africa now. He said India was all over him 24/7. Imagine a tall handsome blonde American...yep I believe it.

Right next to loving to look at my kids photos would be looking at anything to do with decorating. I want my living room to look like one of these. (do you see the common theme?)

I love looking for new ideas.

And Finally, I took my last final today! I am done with my bachelors. WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT

What's next? Can you say PAINT! I am so excited to get it done. I am so tired of the faux walls.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Have you heard of Hazel? I am in awe! She inspires me!

She is the mayor and has been for 30 years. Her city is DEBT FREE!

She's 88 and going strong. She still puts on the hocky skates. Check out her video.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Noa came to visit. She is amazing. She weighs in at 18 pounds...and is almost 18 months old. She chatters in dutch and best of all she runs to have me pick her up. I love it!
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

He Replied....Hey Mom, I'm O.K.

Just so you know....

Scott has replied that he is o.k.

Mom !!

I'm totally okay, I'm in Koh Tao, beautiful island in Thailand. There is no war going on in Cambodia it's a very nice very peaceful place, we just went to a shooting range to shoot big guns.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IS 99.999% SURE -- ENOUGH? Not for this mom.

Thai troops 'cross into Cambodia'

I was/am 99.999% sure Scott was joking. (see previous posting) However, I still lost sleep last night. That .0009% is to much. So I checked the BBC today and here is what I found. NOW I KNOW I WILL SHOOT HIM WHEN HE COMES HOME!

Thai soldiers have reportedly entered Cambodia near a disputed temple where the two sides briefly exchanged fire last year.

A spokesman for Cambodia's government said that about 100 troops had crossed the border.

A Thai border commander denied there had been any troop movements and said there had been no increase in tension.

Thailand and Cambodia both lay claim to the temple area. Despite several rounds of talks, a settlement remains elusive.

Soldiers from the two countries have been stationed in the area since the clashes in July last year......In Thailand feelings are running even higher; the government elected last December was already floundering under a combined assault by street demonstrators, unfavourable court verdicts and the parliamentary opposition.